Our Mission

We’ve seen some wonderfully executed, gorgeously designed weddings in Eastern North Carolina.  Unfortunately, we’ve also seen some less than stellar weddings that suffered from easily avoidable problems.

That’s where East Carolina Bride comes in.  We want to educate you, the bride, on what you need to know so that you can have the wedding day of your dreams.


Meet the East Carolina Bride Team


Open Aperture Misc.-246Bob Mackowski – Owner/Content Manager

Bob got the idea to start ECB as an extension of his wedding photography business, Open Aperture Photography.   An avid blogger and educator, he wanted the opportunity to teach and help brides beyond his photography clients and social media followers.


Open Aperture Misc.-244Amanda Mackowski – Sales

Amanda, Bob’s wife, is a people person who is beloved by brides and vendors alike.  She has experience in wedding photography, wedding planning and the wedding industry as a whole.  Affectionately referred to as a “crisis manager,” she’s always around to save brides from disaster.


Open Aperture Misc.-253Jane Maulucci – Freelance Contributor

Jane has a varied background that has taken her across the world.  She worked as a journalist in the Air Force, as a training developer for authors and, most notably here, she wrote about weddings (and other subjects) for the Hartford Courant.  She currently owns The Reactive Voice, a freelance writing a ghostwriting business.


Open Aperture Misc.-245Thera Thibeault – Freelance Contributor

Thera is a recent bride and frequent writer overflowing with personality.  Originally from Michigan, she was transplanted to North Carolina by her then-fiancee/now-husband who was a Marine at Camp Lejeune.  When she isn’t helping brides put out figurative fires, she’s putting on literal fires as a volunteer firefighter.