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Anna trekked down from her home in Virginia to her waterfront wedding venue in Emerald Isle for her bridal portrait, something that she was initially hesitant to do.

She says, “Do it! I was so hesitant about bridal portraits and at first only did them because my mom insisted; however, I am so glad I did. For three reasons, one – why would you ever turn down a chance to wear your wedding dress and get glammed up? Two, it was a hair and make-up trial which I’m so glad I did, and three, it truly was an amazing experience to share with my mom because on your wedding day you are so rushed and having the bridal portraits out of the way allowed for other time being spent on photos with our bridal party, parents, extended family, etc.”

For her session, Anna wore her grandmother’s pearls and her veil was handmade by her mother from her mother’s veil.  Her mom, aunt, and cousin, who was also a bridesmaid, were there with her for the shoot.

When discussing her favorite photos, Anna has a lot of fond behind the scenes memories from her time with her photographers, Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web).  She says, “Bob and Amanda work so hard behind the photos to get that perfect photo and it pays off. I have several – the ones with the swans because it took Amanda running in front of me to get the swans to go in the same direction, the ones on the beach with my veil because also Amanda was key here in she was the ‘wind’ in that she held my veil and let it go the second that Bob snapped the photo.”

Enjoy Anna’s Emerald Isle, NC bridal portrait!



Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)

Venue: The Watson House


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