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East Carolina Bride is excited to announce a brand new feature: Real East Carolina Brides!  This is a bridal blogger program that will allow you to share your wedding experiences and learn directly from other brides.

Instead of just listening to our wedding experts, now you have the opportunity to listen to each other.  Learn from other brides as they share their successes and failures, triumphs and frustrations.

The next step is to get brides who want to share their stories.  We have a few 2016 and 2017 brides who’ve agreed to do it but we need more.  That’s where you come in.

We want you, yes you, to become a Real East Carolina Bride.  If you’re interested, we’ll prompt you with ideas (don’t worry, you don’t have to figure it out on your own) and then you can write the articles.  We’ll review and proofread them before publishing them to share with our Eastern North Carolina wedding community.

There are a few stipulations, the most important of which is that you’re getting married in Eastern North Carolina.  We only cover weddings in our region, so it wouldn’t make much sense to cover a wedding somewhere else.

We want to see all types of brides!  Diversity is encouraged here.  All ethnicities.  Straight and gay.  Skinny and heavy.  Big budget and no budget weddings.  Local and destination brides.

Does this sound interesting to you?  If so, read more details and fill out the application here.

Make sure that you come back on Thursday when we publish our first Real ECB article, Kinston bride Caroline’s introduction.

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