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You need to get to your wedding, and then, a few hours later, you’ll need to leave it.  The method in which you plan to do that is up to you.

Your wedding day transportation can say a lot about you and your wedding.  Will yours say that that you’re fun or that you’re classy?  Stylish or practical?  Creative or traditional?

There are many transportation options from which to choose.  Some are very expensive, some aren’t.  Here’s a list of suggestions for you:

Limousine:  The classic go to for wedding arrivals and departures.  Nothing says style like a really long car.  There’s a reason it’s so popular.  It’s a good option.  You can stick the two of you in there and also have the option to add in your wedding parties at different times throughout the day.

Classic Car:  The classic-er option, exiting in a car that’s 30+ years old.  They can be hard to find for rent but it can be done.  You can even get them chauffeured.  The easiest, and luckiest, way to get a classic car for your wedding is to just know somebody who owns one and borrow it from them.  Hopefully they like you.  A lot.

Horse and Carriage:  The classic-est option, as in this comes from a time before vehicles.  This is entirely for style and not for practicality.  You’re not going to journey across town in your horse and carriage unless you want people to be yelling at you to get out of the way and you’re OK with it taking half of the day to get there.  Still, this is a really fun option to ride into your and out of your ceremony.

Trolley:  There aren’t any streetcar trolleys around Eastern North Carolina like in San Francisco, so this would be the fake kind with wheels.  Still, it’s a fun choice.  Since it’s a large transportation option, you can either put the two of you on it, your wedding parties, or an even larger group like immediate families.

Party Bus:  Another big option.  You can exit your personal party (aka your reception) and continue the fun on the way elsewhere like your hotel room or a local bar.

Boat:  Only waterfront venues need apply here.  (Was anybody really thinking it’d be a great idea to get a boat for their landlocked venue?)  If you’re on the waterfront, then it’s possible/probable that you love the outdoors and water life.  Arriving or departing on a boat will help to emphasize that.

Your Own Car:  Probably not the most stylish option (unless you own a Tesla), but it’s super practical.  Your fiancee/spouse should drive because your dress will make it awfully difficult.  Make sure that your dress will fit in the car while you’re wearing it.  A huge ballgown and a small Kia might not be the best combination.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to get it detailed before the big day.  You don’t need month-old french fries stuck to your butt.

Your Own Feet:  If your ceremony and reception are at the same place or nearby, just make the walk.  You don’t want to walk too far, maybe only a block, but there’s something special about walking to your reception.  Of course you’ll have to combine this with something else, probably your car, unless you plan to walk from home to your ceremony and then back at the end of the night.

Arrive in style.  Arrive affordably.  Just make sure that you arrive.  The wedding won’t be much without the newlyweds!


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  1. In my dream wedding, we would ride a horse and carriage but this isn’t very practical for us as the ceremony location is about 35 minutes from the reception venue. We don’t have much time to spare in between.

    Now we are debating between a limo and our own vehicle. With our vehicle, we could add some fun and tacky Just Married decorations. With the limo, we could include our wedding part. Decisions! Decisions!

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