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Avery and Kristin have spent some of their most important moments as a couple together on the Outer Banks.  It only seemed fitting for them to select Corolla for their engagement session.

That specific site, the Whalehead Club, factored into their history.  Kristin says, “Avery chose our location as we had actually visited there the afternoon before he asked me to marry him later on that evening on our anniversary. It just seemed right coming back there as an engaged couple! We also love the history of the location, as it has so many great areas to take pictures.”

As for how they met and how the Outer Banks factors into it, here’s the story that Kristin shared with us.  “We met through friends a few years ago. I always admired how great of a guy he is,” Kristin says. “It wasn’t until a little over two years ago he had messaged me and from there talked for a few weeks, which led to a date sharing some fajitas and a beer. Then that led to a spontaneous beach trip to the Outer Banks over Memorial Day weekend where we spent 5 straight days together. The rest is history; I knew right away he would be the man I would spend forever with. So 2 years later, on our anniversary he asked me to spend forever with him in Nags Head where he got down on one knee while sneaking his camera in burst mode on the tripod and captured the whole moment.

There’s one more random, fun fact that has nothing to do with the engagement session but is still worth sharing.  Kristin says, “Avery and myself are 8 days apart, he was born on my due date April 12th and I was born on his April 20th and also have the same initials, ‘KAS.’ So many similarities but so different! We were made for each other!”

Enjoy Avery and Kristin’s Corolla, NC engagement session!




Photography: les atkins Photography (Web)

Venue: The Whalehead Club


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