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Wedding planning doesn’t usually usher in feelings of thankfulness or appreciation for the things which often add to the madness.  We understand the franticness of getting married and how it can sometimes feel more like a chore than a celebration-in-the-making.  Well, keep on reading so you can have a few reasons to smile through the pain.  We’re thankful for:

Quirky Details

Every couple should do something to make their wedding unique.  A break in tradition makes for an incredibly unique experience and can help preserve the sanity of the person who attends several weddings a year (cough – vendors – cough).

Even something as simple as a funny cake topper, customized shoes or a hashtag featuring a killer pun can push your wedding from ho hum to so fun.  Embrace the weird, give your photographer something to shoot at and be thankful for the quirky details that define you and your significant other.

Writing Your Own Vows

If you’re not, still acceptable.  If you’re writing your own vows, you should revel in them.  These are the words you’re using to convince your true love to accept your hand in marriage to navigate the rest of your lives together.  It’s kind of a big deal.

In crafting your own, appreciate the time, effort and altruism being sought after.  Vows written by the bride and groom almost never result in the eyes of guests staying dry, by the way.  Don’t be concerned, it’ll be good for your grandma to have a tiny, happy cry.  We promise.


It’s an actual fact listed in the encyclopedia that cake is one of the best parts about being alive…or it should be.  Seriously, after doing the work of the walking, the dancing, the schmoozing and kissing, how could you not be so thankful for the sweet, fluffy tower of confection awaiting your knife?

We should probably just be thankful for cake every single day of our lives, by the way.

Extra Hardware

There’s always the allure, as vain as it may seem, of the increased weight of your left hand after your vows are exchanged.  For the next several months, you’ll admire how the sun glints on your rings, how they look when you catch sight of them in a mirror and how much better your steering wheel looks beneath a wedding ring.

Don’t stare too much, insurance doesn’t cover that.

The Reception Entrance

When the formalities of the ceremony have been done, the edge is off to make a grand entrance into the best party of your lives, thus far.

Let’s appreciate the fact that no one really cares how you enter your reception as a married couple so long as you’re not setting each other’s hair on fire (yet).  Make it a silly cha-cha across the floor, a sexy saunter or an ill-coordinated tango…no one’s really judging.  They’re just waiting for you to cut the cake (see previous sections).

Uplighting and Glitter

There’s really something to be said about a sparkly and slightly dimmed reception venue.  And you can’t have sparkly without glitter.  What would a wedding reception be if the lights were fluorescent and the centerpieces were just matte flat?  No thank you.

And although glitter is like the fleas of the crafting world (it just gets everywhere and it’s impossible to get rid of), at least you’re not cleaning it up!


No train, long train, medium train?  No problem.  Dress bustles deserve a little salute.  They’re here to hold the back end of your gown off the ground.  Not only does this keep it safe(r) from dirt, drinks and whatever that sticky spot is over by table eight, it enables you to chicken dance and boogie the night away without fearing it being stepped on or tripped over.

So thank you, tiny buttons for having our back, literally.  Thank you.

If none of this does anything for you, keep in mind that after all is said and done, you’re coming out of this with a honeymoon (probably), a few gifts or envelopes of money (probably) and a brand, spanking new spouse, fresh out of the box with whom to enjoy the rest of your life.

If you’re still not feeling thankful, remove lump of ice, replace with beating heart.


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