So, you’re interested in becoming a Real East Carolina Bride.  That’s great!  The more the merrier!

Before you jump straight to the application, there are some things you should know first.


Married in Eastern North Carolina

The one absolute must have requirement for Real East Carolina Brides is that you must be getting married in Eastern North Carolina.  The whole point of East Carolina Bride is to cover weddings in ENC, so covering a wedding outside the area doesn’t make a whole lot of sense!  We have a broad coverage area including New Bern, Wilmington, Greenville, the Outer Banks, the Crystal Coast, and all points in between.  Unfortunately we don’t cover Raleigh or Fayetteville.


Ability to Write

This seems self-explanatory but we’ll put it here anyway: You must be able to write.  We’ll proofread and correct typos and grammatical errors so that you look good and our readers can understand the article easier.  However, if you turn in complete gibberish, we’ll reject it.

Articles should be between 300-1000 words although there’s some flexibility, especially on the higher end.


Professional Photographers

We greatly prefer brides that have hired a professional photographer.  We’ll be displaying your photos along with your articles.  Other brides will learn more from your experiences if you have quality, professionally created photos to show off your hard work.


Sharing Photos

A Real ECB must be willing to share their photos, both personal and professional, with us.  This way our readers can see who’s writing and become more acquainted with you.


Amount of Writing

The amount of writing will depend on how far away from your wedding day you are when you decide to become a Real ECB.  Ideally, we’re hoping that you’ll write an introduction, three other pre-wedding articles, and one post-wedding wrap-up.  The post-wedding article is important because we need to know how it went!  Obviously there will be fewer articles if you’re only three months away from wedding day.


Variety Encouraged

We want to see all types of brides!  Diversity is encouraged here.  All ethnicities.  Straight and gay.  Skinny and heavy.  Big budget and no budget weddings.  Local and destination brides.


Do you have what it takes to be a Real East Carolina Bride?  Fill out this application and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!


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