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Bobbie discovered that pretty places make good places for pictures, but meaningful places are the best of all.  She had her bridal portrait shot around her parents’ home.

She says, “Have your portraits made somewhere with meaning.  I first thought I had to have my portrait at the beach since I was getting married there.  When Ellen (of Ellen LeRoy Photography) asked if I had any places with special meaning, I knew then exactly where I wanted them.  Go with your gut.  When I would tell people I was having my portrait taken on the creek behind my parents’ house, you could just see the look of ‘really?’ on their faces.  However once they saw the final product they changed their minds.”

In order to personalize the shoot, she included a special present and an old friend.  Bobbie says, “My husband loves cowgirl boots so I made sure I had a few pictures with them on.  He bought them for my first birthday that we were together.  I thought they would look good beside my cousin’s horse trailer.”  She continues, “My dog’s name is Bailey and I’ve had her for 13 years.  When my husband first started coming to see me he wasn’t very fond of her because she would aggravate him.  However, it didn’t take long and he fell in love with her.  I joke that he married me so he could be with her.  I knew that he would love the idea.  I tried to surprise him but he found out that I had taken her with me.”

Just because you’re flying solo as a portrait subject doesn’t mean you need to be all alone.  Bobbie says, “The most memorable part was having my sister and best friends there to share the experience with me.”  She continues, “There is one picture of me on the bridge and my best friend, Emily, is hiding under my dress.  She was helping to hold the dress so it wouldn’t get dirty and just hid under it.”

Enjoy Bobbie’s La Grange bridal portrait!

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Photography: Ellen LeRoy Photography (Web)


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