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Brad grew up working at the May-Lewis Farm in Farmville and always appreciated its beauty.  Once he showed it to Sharon, she was instantly in love.

Their venue story doesn’t just end with being at their venue.  Sharon says, “We decorated the venue starting with our ceremony under the old pecan trees. Brad built me an arbor that we could stand under that we now have for our home.”

Sharon says that the most memorable part of the day was “our vows!! We decided to write our own vows because it’s not traditional and not everybody does it but it’s so memorable when people do. I will always remember looking into Brad’s eyes as I listened to him talk about our past, present, and future life together. Plus now we have our vows locked away in our treasure chest so that if we ever wanted to go back and reread them we can.”

The couple received some really special advice leading into their wedding.  It has nothing to do with their wedding but it’s too cute to not share: “Hold hands often. Kiss each other good morning and goodnight. Say ‘I love you’ a lot; you are not promised tomorrow and you don’t know what the future holds. Work as a team. Compromise and communicate.”

Enjoy Brad and Sharon’s Farmville, NC wedding!



Photography: Magnolia Photography (Web)

Venue: Benjamin May-Lewis House

Music: Mark and Kelly of Jupiter Jones

Cake: Vanilla Bean Bake Shoppe

Florals: Your Perfect Day


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