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We don’t get the opportunity to share too many proposals so we’re excited to share Brian’s proposal to Kadie today.

The couple lives in the Raleigh area and they’re getting married in Grand Cayman, so why are they appearing on East Carolina Bride?  Because their proposal happened at Tryon Palace.

The Palace wasn’t just a random pretty location either, it has deeper meaning for the couple.  Kadie is a descendant of John Hawks, the architect of the original Tryon Palace.  The 1700’s original version.  They talked about visiting for months but hadn’t gotten around to it.  They’ll probably remember their visit now.

Kadie says, “The most memorable part for me was how well Brian concealed his intention; he didn’t seem to be at all hurried or preoccupied while we were touring the facilities.”  That’s especially impressive considering he planned the whole thing in less than a week.

Brian is thrilled that he hired a photographer for the moment.  “We will always have the memories,” he says, “but the photos leading up and right after the proposal will be forever.

You can take a look at some of those photos here.  Enjoy Brian and Kadie’s New Bern/Tryon Palace proposal!

Brian and Kadie Proposal-3 Brian and Kadie Proposal-5 Brian and Kadie Proposal-8 Brian and Kadie Proposal-10 Brian and Kadie Proposal-13 Brian and Kadie Proposal-17 Brian and Kadie Proposal-19 Brian and Kadie Proposal-20 Brian and Kadie Proposal-22

They also took a couple minutes for picture in Hawks Allee, named after Kadie’s ancestor.

Brian and Kadie Proposal-23 Brian and Kadie Proposal-28



Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)

Venue: Tryon Palace


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