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That’s right, the title says practical.  It’s possible to use Pinterest in a practical way for your wedding, you just need to know when enough is enough.

If you’re a Pinterest fiend, (let’s be real here, if you’re a bride, you’re a Pinterest fiend) then you know the possibility that it contains.  Ideas upon ideas and they’re all there for the taking.  You’ll be able to have the best wedding ever if you can only fit in one more idea that you found in Pinterest!

Sorry ladies, we’re here to burst your bubble.  You can’t have it all.  The lines must be drawn somewhere.  We’re going to draw those lines right now.  Here.  Today.  (Don’t worry though, you can still have the best wedding ever.)

Lines need to be drawn because you’ll drive yourself, and everybody else, nuts.  There is only so much time to prepare all of this goodness.  If you take on too many of these ideas yourself, you’ll be incredibly stressed leading up to your wedding and even on wedding day itself.  If you change your mind too many times, you’ll place a ton of stress on your friends, vendors, and anybody else that’s helping you.

In order to dial down the stress, you need to dial up the decisiveness.  This isn’t a strong suit for brides but it’s something that you’ll need to work on.  You’ll have to decide on something eventually or nothing will ever get done.  You decided on somebody to spend the rest of your life with, so hopefully you can decide on a hairstyle.

Major ideas must be settled on whenever the associated vendor sets the deadline.  If your wedding planner tells you when to choose an idea for something like wedding colors or tablecloths, do it.  Your officiant needs vows, your cake baker needs a design, and your caterer needs to know what food to serve.  These vendors are pros and they’re here to help you.  Follow their advice and let them help!

Major DIY items should be selected about three months before the wedding.  A lot of times these are related to decorating but it can be anything that you’re doing yourself.  This will give you the time to turn your pretty Pinterest picture into a real, tangible object.

If it’s something minor, we’ll let you go up to one month before.  We’re talking one minor project, not several.  If you’re limiting the scope of your DIY-ness, you can put it off until then but not later.

Once your ideas have been decided on, you need to back away from your phone and/or computer.  Drop Pinterest like it’s hot.  Go cold turkey.  If you don’t, you’ll get wanderlust.  You’ll regret the perfectly good decisions that you’ve already made because you saw something totally different.  This will only drive you and everybody else crazy.

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for inspiration.  It’s also a potentially dangerous one that can drive you mad.  Use it until your decisions are made and then quickly back away.


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