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Your photographers are a critical part of your wedding experience.  Besides the obvious reason – capturing beautiful images – you spend so much time with them that they can make or break how you feel about your portrait sessions and your wedding.

Brooke had a fantastic time with her photographers, Jana and Michele from Magnolia Photography, and she did nothing but rave about them.  She says, “Jana & Michele are incredible photographers and the best advice I have is for brides to choose photographers they know, trust and can just have fun with.”

Brooke’s bridal portrait was shot as a surprise for her mom.  She says, “The bridal session was a surprise to my mom for her 60th birthday and she really wanted me to get a veil which I made her think I wasn’t interested in but surprised her with both.”

Enjoy Brooke’s Airlie Gardens/Wilmington, NC bridal portrait!

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Photography: Magnolia Photography

Venue: Airlie Gardens


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