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Today’s guest post comes to us from Jennifer LaVelle of Mary Kay (ECB/Web), makeup expert and recent bride who was married in summer 2015.

Have you set a date? Have you found your dress? Where are you getting married?  All these questions are just the beginning of the barrage of questions you will get during your engagement. My question is, have you begun a daily face cleaning regimen?

Did you know that washing your face twice a day with a toning and clarifying lotion and then moisturizing will even out your complexion, help with those pesky breakouts, and leave your skin feeling baby bottom smooth!  Perfect for your walk down the aisle!

Reasons women don’t wash their face twice a day:

  1. Time: I hear women tell me they don’t have time to wash their face twice a day. Don’t fall into this trap! You do have the time – it only takes 5 minutes to wash your face and moisturize! I am always rushing in the morning so I just set my alarm for 5 minutes earlier.
  2. Memory: Some women say they forget! I am guilty of this especially at night. I set an alarm on my phone so I remember to go wash my face at night.
  3. Cost: I had someone tell me it cost too much to cleanse her face twice a day. Ladies, GREAT skin is worth forgoing your Tall Pumpkin Spiced Latte twice a week! Trust me! As a newlywed who had a stress breakout the week before her wedding, if I had neglected my skin prior to this time my stress would have been written all over my face.
  4. Allergies: I totally get that some women have SUPER sensitive skin! While we offer skin care to help with SUPER sensitive skin, some people feel more comfortable with their dermatologist prescribing something. So, if this is you, don’t delay. If your skin is super sensitive get to your dermatologist TODAY. You don’t want your skin allergies being documented in your wedding photos.

Also remember ladies, your groom can have glowing skin if they also add these simple steps daily into their skin care regimen!

Jennifer LaVelle is make-up Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay.  She was married in August 2015.  You can learn more about Jennifer and her business at her website and on her ECB page.


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