Our Reactions to The Knot's Wedding Survey

The Knot has released their annual real weddings study for 2014 and this is a good chance to look through it and give our thoughts on how they relate to Eastern North Carolina.  While ECB would love to launch our own study, we don’t have quite the same reach as them.  They’re the most popular wedding site (for some reason that we can’t figure out) so they get to do this stuff.

Post-Wedding Etiquette

It’s 11:30 p.m. on the tail-end of one of the biggest, most exciting nights of your life.  Your feet are blistering, you’re probably sweating and dehydrated (if you had any sort of fun) and you have approximately five billion bobby pins in your hair.  The very last things you’re likely to think about are any of the things that come after your wedding.  Ignore them, and they’ll creep right up on you.