6 Qualities to Identify in the Right (and Wrong) Wedding Vendors

Hiring your wedding vendors is one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning.  How do you know who’s right and, maybe more importantly, who’s wrong?  Read on and we’ll guide you through the qualifications that you need to evaluate.

Let’s Elope!

In North Carolina as soon as your wedding license is issued you can get officially married. You don’t have to wait a nanosecond to snag your officiant and say your vows.  So if you get the urge to legally merge as soon as the ink is dry, go for it and POOF you will be wed.  You’ve read about it in English class, although Romeo and Juliet didn’t live happily ever after, and you’ve seen it in the movies and on soap operas. Here’s what you might miss out on:

Couple Goals: Signature Cocktails

If your wedding participants like to imbibe, alcohol at the reception and/or during cocktail hour is probably already in your Big Binder of Wedding Plans.  However, why limit the spirits to vodka cranberries or whiskey and colas?  Creating a signature cocktail can make your wedding celebration all the rage and uniquely unforgettable.  That is, unless, your guests over-indulge…then there may be many things forgotten.