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It’s not often that we see a session at a home built in the 1800s by a Revolutionary War General, but that’s exactly where Chase and Hannah’s engagement session happened.

The shoot took place at Oakland Plantation in Council, NC.  Hannah says, “We chose this place because it is beautiful!  It belongs to Chase’s friend’s family, the Neislers, and was built sometime in the 1800s by Revolutionary War General Thomas Brown. It was built on a bluff overlooking the Cape Fear River.  They held large hunts at the plantation in the 1940s and still do today.  It has so much history and is a beautiful landmark.  It’s definitely one of our most favorite places.”

Even in such an historic place, it was something so simple and so lovely that Hannah remembers most.  She says, “Walking down the road, hand in hand, laughing my butt off at something silly he said.”

Here’s Hannah’s advice to you for your engagement session: “To laugh and kiss and touch and pretend like no one’s watching.  You’re destined to get some great shots that way.”

Enjoy Chase and Hannah’s Council, NC/Oakland Plantation engagement session!

The next photo is Hannah’s favorite from the session.  She says, “It’s special to me because Chase was whispering silly stuff in my ear and it captures the happiness I feel when he is around me.  It’s the little things that bring me happiness and make me feel special and he always makes me feel special.”



Photographer: Sugar Plum Lane Photography (Web)

Venue: Oakland Plantation


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