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It can be intimidating to be the sole subject of a portrait session, especially if you’re not used to being in front of the camera.  That was the case for Chere during her bridal portrait before she was able to overcome it.

Before her session she says she was given this advice that worked well for her: “To just relax and be myself. I can be a little shy at times so when all attention was about me I tried to just relax an shave fun with it.”  It worked well.  Chere continues, “I enjoyed all the ‘goofy’ pictures we took. Some of those turned out to be my favorites.”

She wants to pass similar advice along to other brides.  She says they should “just enjoy their big day and don’t let all the little detail stress them out too much.”

Enjoy Chere’s Wilmington, NC bridal portrait!

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Photography: Erin Costa Photography

Venue: Greenfield Lake Park and Gardens

Flowers: Fione Fine Flowers

Hair: Sandy Powell


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