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Most brides shoot their bridal portraits about one month before their wedding day.  Christina cut it close with her shoot.  She shot hers on wedding eve, the day before her wedding.

She shot in exactly the same place she’d be the very next day: her wedding venue, Saint Thomas Preservation Hall in Wilmington.  She chose it for her bridal because she “really loved the old architecture of the building, along with the lighting and large windows, plus the significance of it being the place that our wedding would be!”

The most memorable part of the experience for her was “probably just being in my wedding dress, in our wedding venue, with my hair and makeup done, realizing that everything was finally happening. Dreaming my whole life of getting married, all of the planning that had taken place in the previous months, and that I would soon be marrying the man of my dreams!”

As for the advice that she wants to pass along to you, Christina says “pick the right photographer and do a bridal session! I was hesitant about doing it, thinking, ‘why, we’ll get enough pictures the day of the wedding.’ But my photographer encouraged me to do it and I’m so happy we did! It not only was a good run through of my makeup and hair, but it also produced beautiful pictures that will make the wedding that much more memorable in many years to come. Also, be sure to look up some pictures before going into your session to make sure you get all of the poses/pictures you want, that really helped!”

Enjoy Christina’s Wilmington, NC bridal portrait!



Photography: Megan Dickerson Photography (Web)

Venue: Saint Thomas Preservation Hall


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