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Engagement sessions are fun but they can be a little difficult if you can’t move.  Nicole tore her ACL just days before her shoot with Cody but they still went through with the session.

Nicole says, “Tearing my ACL was a HUGE hiccup in the wedding planning and in some ways caused us to postpone the wedding. In addition, it made moving around the location of the shoot a little more difficult but Bob and Amanda (of Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)), as always, were very accommodating.”

Nicole’s favorite image from the shoot is the black and white silhouette photo near the end of the shoot (below).  She says, “The story behind that picture is that it’s like a fairy tale. The 2 people in the picture could be any 2 people. But knowing that they are us and even though we have so many imperfections, that’s not what you see in that photo. You just see the outline of love. Which is two people. As close as they can be. With no worries in the world and it was perfect, exactly what we wanted.”

Enjoy Cody and Nicole’s New Bern, NC engagement session!



Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)


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