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If your wedding participants like to imbibe, alcohol at the reception and/or during cocktail hour is probably already in your Big Binder of Wedding Plans.  However, why limit the spirits to vodka cranberries or whiskey and colas?  Creating a signature cocktail can make your wedding celebration all the rage and uniquely unforgettable.  That is, unless, your guests over-indulge…then there may be many things forgotten.

Check out a few unique and fantastic ideas for signature libations, sorted by season.  Fingers crossed your guests indulge responsibly but with these recipes, no guarantees.


Springtime weddings are under appreciated.  Beautiful blooms, baby animals…how much better can it get?  Well, a spring wedding cocktail is just the thing to tip your hat to the season.

An easy and unassuming recipe requires only adding a special element to a glass of champagne.  You can easily do a lavender sprig, berries or even tea.  Almost anything can go into a glass of bubbly and can fit your wedding’s theme.

Mojitos are refreshing and could even be your “something blue”…sort of.  Blueberry mojitos are a sweet and tangy twist on a regular mojito.  Muddled mint and sugar adorned with sparkling blueberries will be your guests’ best handheld accessory.

Anything ombre is all the rage nowadays.  Looking like a spring day sunrise, this Ombre Grapefruit Cocktail will be a delicious, pretty sight to see in the background of wedding photos…probably a tad more welcoming than the red Solo cup.


Summer weddings call for refreshments to quench the thirsts of your dancing, possibly sweating friends and family.  We’re thinking lots of fruit and a little fizz, when needed.

Rhubarb may be a little intimidating but pairing this slightly sour celery lookalike with raspberries to make this Rhubarb Raspberry Fizz results in magic.  Trust us and make the bubbly component prosecco or champagne.

Sangria is so simple to prepare ahead of time with just about any fruit and spirit you have available.  This recipe for Summer Sangria is a summer reception’s best friend.  Just mix everything except the sparkling water and soda and let sit overnight (good task for a member of the bridal party to handle) and add the rest right before party time.

Need something that’s just too pretty for your guests to put down?  This one fits that billet, needing just a few ingredients.  Grab some raspberry gum syrup here and make this Apartment 34 Fizz to please the masses.


Fall is one of the most popular seasons for wedded bliss and features lovely and easily-identified flavor profiles.  Pick your poison!

Maybe take a stroll through an orchard…if the orchard was in Mexico.  Take a gander at this Apple Cider Margarita that even Kenny Chesney would approve of.  We’d say sombreros optional but, let’s be honest.

Perhaps not a great option for the lactose intolerant but this Pumpkin Spice White Russian is sure to ignite the innate desires to embrace the seasonal celebration.  Plus, less harmful to spill a white Russian on a white gown, we think.

Tree fruits are so very reminiscent of fall and this Vanilla, Pear and Vodka Cocktail really hits the mark with a fruity and floral flavor combination.  We shall dub it The VaPearKa!  We insist it’s going to catch, ok?


Winter cocktails can be tricky as they have to be warming, boozy and sometimes sparkly.  With a little colored baking sugar on the rim of a glass, any of these concoctions would perfectly fit a winter wedding celebration.

Classic, and almost James Bondish, the St. Germain is just about as effortless as they come.  So shake some up and serve some cheer to ring in your special celebration.

If you ask almost anyone, chocolate and peppermint go together like flowers and fondant.  This Chocolate Peppermint Martini is festive and cute as a button with a candy cane rim.

Cinnamon is as much a winter accompaniment as any.  The Cinnamon Stick pays perfect homage to this warm, winter spice and will do just as well to warm up your guests should there be an actual cold Carolina night.

The best part about wedding cocktails?  You can think up a cutesy, coupley nickname for any of them.  Hands off VaPearKa, though…that one’s ours!  So pull out your thesaurus, roll out your bar cart and get tasting, for the love of day-drinking!


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