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It’s the holy grail of wedding fun: creating a video that’s so much fun to create and watch that half of the internet joins in.  It takes a good idea, good execution, and a lot of luck.

First things first, there’s something that we need to establish.  You won’t immediately become internet famous just for doing something funny.  Virality is a hard thing to nail down.  Lots and lots of people have tried to do it and very few succeed.

With that in mind, you should choose your quirky/goofy/sweet would-be-viral moment not because it could go viral.  Choose it because it means something to you and will make your wedding more wonderful.  If it goes viral, then that’s lovely.

That said, there’s a big market for viral wedding stories.  Wedding publications always need something new to post on their sites and their social media.  If you can get things together right, it can be done.  Heck, even we have a weekly article called Wins the Internet that runs through our favorite viral wedding stories of the week.

Let’s take a look at some options for fun moments and viral videos:

Circumstance: This is something that (mostly) can’t be planned and is based on some circumstance that you’ve been put into, generally not by choice.  Think of something like your wheelchair-bound father walking you down the aisle or an illness-necessitated wedding at the hospital.  You didn’t plan for these things to happen, they just did… and they’re beautiful.

Performing: If one of you are an excellent singer or dancer (or even if you’re not) this is a great way to do something fun.  We see all sorts of first dances and parent dances that turn into something ridiculously awesome.  Sometimes it’s a dance battle, sometimes it’s a magic trick.  No matter what it is, show off your skills… or absolute lack thereof.

Prank: Pranks are a great way to bring some levity into a serious moment.  Just make sure that you have a camera rolling and that the person you’re pranking will be a good sport about it.

Kids: They’re always up for something unpredictable and really cute.  They say and do ridiculous things.  Even when they’re doing something rehearsed, they’re still cute.  People like to watch them, whether they’re at the event or they’re watching on YouTube.

Emotion: Viral videos aren’t all fun and games.  Genuine emotion felt by somebody in the video and felt by the viewer will draw people in and make them share it.  Joy, sadness, and empathy are all powerful emotions that can make people shed a tear or put a smile on their face.  Emotion can often overlap with other types of videos on this list like performances and circumstances.

Personal and Unusual: Doing something that’s deeply personal to you and very unusual to other people will draw attention.  Like everything else on the list, you should do it for yourself first and for the video second.  For example, you could swim to your ceremony like this 79 year old or get married in the middle of the Chicago Marathon.

Celebrity: If you have some strings that you can pull to get a celebrity involved with your wedding in some weird way, there’s a good chance your video will get noticed by somebody.

Creative and Unprecedented: Creating something that’s never been done before is really, really hard.  (Trust us, we’ve done it.)  If you’re able to manage something like that, then kudos to you.  If it’s good enough, people will take notice.

Whether your video goes viral is mostly luck but there are a couple things you can do to help it.  Make sure that you name your video with something obvious and fill out the description to explain what the video is.  This will help people find it while they’re searching  on YouTube.  You can also send it to influential sites like HuffPost Weddings and Buzzfeed Weddings.  If they like it, maybe they’ll run it and others will follow.

Good luck with your viral fame but remember, you’re doing this for yourself first and for the internet second.


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