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If you’re a tech savvy couple, you can create a website for your wedding.  In fact, you really don’t need to be all that savvy to do it.

The are a ton of sites that will allow you to create a website specifically for your wedding.  Just Google “wedding websites” to see your options.  There are a lot and they all want your attention.

You could go for a paid site but that’s totally unnecessary.  The paid sites are naturally fancier but, for what you need, that’s probably overkill.  You can use them to make some glamorous statement but only a fraction of your guests are ever going to see it, so really, just don’t bother shelling out dollars.  That’s the thing with wedding websites.  A lot of your guests, namely older generations, aren’t going to look at it.  Even some members of younger generations aren’t going to look at your website because websites are old fashioned.  (At least that’s what we hear as we type on our website.)

The Knot is one place that you can make a free website but a lot of brides don’t like The Knot.  (They stink.  Why are they so popular?)  Consider using mywedding or Wedding Window.  They both have good, free sites.

As for what to put on your wedsite (yes, with a d) here’s a list of the basics:

Who/When/Where: These are the absolute basics.  The bare minimum.  Your guests will need to know when and where your wedding is in order to attend.  The who is important for extended members of the guest pool because it’s possible that they haven’t met your fiancee (or you) yet.

Backstory: How did you meet?  How did the proposal happen?  People want to know these details!

Photos: This is your chance to show off how adorable you two are.  Put up a photo gallery with anything that you want.  It could include proposal photos, dating photos, or engagement photos.  Couples never know what to do with their professional engagement photos (like the one above) and this is a great way to show them off.

Registry info: Your registry info doesn’t go in your invitations (that’s tacky) so put it on your wedding website.  Include links so that they can directly order from Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, or wherever else you’ve registered.

Collect guest RSVPs, meals, etc.: You’ll be amazed at how many of your guests are incapable of returning an RSVP even when you include an envelope with a stamp already on it.  Collecting this info on your website gives people a secondary option so that they don’t have to do the terribly difficult task of walking to the mailbox.

Room blocks: If you put together wedding room blocks at nearby hotels, include them here along with phone numbers and links to websites.  This will make it significantly easier for out of town guests.

Hashtag: Are you going to have your own wedding hashtag?  List it on your website.  This will allow dedicated taggers to do their thing before they see the inevitable chalkboard sign at the reception.

Please note that your wedding website doesn’t replace written invitations, announcements, etc.  You still have to pony up for that and the stamps that go with them.  Sorry, this won’t circumvent that whole formal process.

If you’re feeling ambitious, go set up a wedding website.  It’s a fun thing to put together and share with your friends and family.


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