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Faces aren’t always necessary in a good photograph of people.  Sometimes, as in Chelsea’s case, it’s what that photo represents.

The next photo is Chelsea’s favorite from her engagement session with her fiancee Dante. She has two reasons: “1. You can see my tattoo for my father on my wrist, my father passed away in 2009 and I know he would have LOVED Dante, and to me it’s like he’s right there with us. 2. It’s also my favorite because I’m pulling him along with me, and in our relationship I’m always the one going ‘HEY! Let’s go do this, it’ll be fun!’ and dragging him along! (He always tells me how much fun he had afterwards.)

The most memorable part of the day for Chelsea also involved pulling Dante along, or, rather, the fact that it wasn’t necessary.  She says, “My fiancé was comfortable enough in front of the camera to act normal and we had so much fun with it. He is not usually one for pictures but he was so excited that day!”

Her advice for is something that we commonly hear about bridal portraits but is also a good idea for engagement sessions.  Chelsea says, “If you can, do your wedding make up trial that day, that way you know what it will look like after a long period of time AND how it will look in pictures. It was the best idea!”

Enjoy Dante and Chelsea’s New Hanover County Arboretum and Wrightsville Beach engagement session!



Photography: Basically Emily Photography (Web)


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