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It’s time to decorate for Christmas!  This isn’t a home decor website and this isn’t a home decor article.  We’re talking Christmas and ways you can make your wedding festive.

It might be a bit late to decorate your home this year (it’s two days before Christmas!) or make plans to decorate your wedding for Christmas (today really is two days before Christmas!).  Instead, let’s run through some ideas that you can put into the back of your mind to plan out your December wedding next year.

One of the best parts of having a Christmas-themed wedding is that you might not have to decorate at all.  Most churches and venues are going to have their own decorations in place already and you can just use them.  You might need to add your personal touch or add more quantity but the job has probably at least been started for you.

Let’s start with colors.  Choose red or green as your primary wedding color and it’s pretty clear what you’re striving for.  The guests will get it.

Next, fill in the gaps that your venue hasn’t covered.  If they erected a magnificent Christmas tree but they’re lacking the wreaths, hanging lights, and glittery bows to go around the rest of the venue, then you should finish the job.

Finally, examine how you can Christmas-fy standard wedding decorations.  You’re already planning to get florals so make them traditional Christmas flowers like poinsettias or amaryllis.  Throw Christmas props into the photo booth.  Heck, you could even have your DJ or band play some (but not all) Christmas music.

If you’re having a December wedding, you might as well incorporate Christmas decorations.  It’s fun and it isn’t especially difficult.


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