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Brides, do you love weddings?  Live your passion through your work.  This is your opportunity to stay in the wedding universe and launch a career in the wedding industry.

Wedding professionals, here’s your chance to share your knowledge directly with brides while growing your existing business.  This is your opportunity to build your wedding empire.

East Carolina Bride is for sale!

East Carolina Bride is an established, profitable business with anywhere from 400-2000 unique monthly users (depending on time of year, virality of articles, etc.).  The business has minimal overhead, can be operated from anywhere, and it’s ready to go.

Here are the answers to some of your questions:

Why are we selling it?  We simply don’t have time for it.  We own a local wedding photography business and that’s our top priority and our passion.  Additionally, we have a very active toddler that takes a lot of our time.  We don’t have time or effort to sell ads to continue the site’s profitability.

What do you receive in a sale?  You would receive all intellectual property belonging to the East Carolina Bride brand.  This includes the name, logo, web domains, WordPress-based site design, social media profiles and more.  You would also receive our deep library of articles, including 239 tip articles and 158 real shoots (and counting).

What does it take to run the site?  There’s minimal overhead involved with running the site.  The domains and hosting cost a couple hundred dollars per year to renew.  Beyond that, you can spend whatever you want.  You could do all the work yourself to keep overhead down or you could hire freelance writers and a freelance salesperson.  It’s up to you.  As an online-based business, ECB can be operated from anywhere.  You can live in Eastern North Carolina or move elsewhere.

What will it take to get things running?  ECB is ready to step into and start working on day one.  All email contact lists (brides, wedding vendors, bridal shows) are included.  The site has an SEO-friendly foundation in place to be built upon.  Workflows are in place to solicit for real shoots and execute the ensuing articles.  We’ll gladly share the contact information for our awesome freelance writers if you want to go that route.

We’re asking $15,000 for the intellectual property associated with East Carolina Bride.  If you have any questions or you’re interested in inquiring, please email bob@ecbride.com.

We can’t wait to see what you make of East Carolina Bride!

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