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Ernie proposed to his now-fiancee Erin, both active duty Marines based in the same unit at Cherry Point, in a romantic downtown New Bern moment.  Rather than recounting and summarizing it, you can read Erin’s description of the proposal.

Here’s what Erin had to say about it: “For our 1 year anniversary, we decided that instead of getting each other a gift we would get professional pictures taken together. We didn’t have any pictures that weren’t selfies taken on a cell phone, so we were both really excited about this. Our anniversary came and went and we kept forgetting about actually getting the pictures done. It wasn’t until almost 4 months after our anniversary that Ernie came home and told me that he had set up a session with a photographer. We got off of work, got dressed up and headed into downtown New Bern, North Carolina. Ernie and I both love New Bern, so this was the perfect place to get our pictures done. While we were getting pictures done, the photographer’s assistant was following us with an iPhone. She told me she was making videos for their Instagram page. We were about to take pictures by a really pretty fountain when one of the photographers came to help me fix my hair. Little did I know that while she was fixing my hair, the other photographer was handing Ernie the engagement ring! When I turned around, Ernie leaned in and kissed me then asked how my nails looked. (I always told him to make sure my nails were done before he proposed to me.) I instantly knew what was about to happen, and I was so excited! Ernie got down on one knee and, through all of my happy tears, I said yes! He turned me around and told me to say hi to our family and friends. The assistant with the iPhone wasn’t making videos for their Instagram. She was recording us on Facebook Live so everyone could be a part of our special moment! Every second of our engagement was absolutely perfect, and we couldn’t be happier.”

The couple originally met on the way to a training exercise at Fort Bragg.  Erin says, “We had stopped about half way there for a break. Ernie was standing by his truck with a large bag of miniature Reese’s cups. I asked him if I could have one and he looked in my eyes and said, ‘You can have two.’ As lame and cheesy as that sounds, it made me laugh and it caught my attention.”  After that, the couple bonded over giraffes and soccer.  You can see how that turned out.

Enjoy Ernie and Erin’s New Bern, NC proposal!

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Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)


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