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You love your soon-to-be spouse and your soon-to-be spouse loves you.  Express that love in a letter that’ll be hand-delivered to them on wedding day.

There’s something about a love letter that’s so romantic.  They’re especially unusual in this digital social media age.  Cutesy memes are adorable, sure, and so are Snaps and Tweets professing love and adoration.  However, they still can’t amount to much in comparison with a true love letter from your true love.

Take a few minutes to put your undying love into written words on your wedding day.  Have your fiancee do the same and then exchange them.  Waterworks are guaranteed.

Here’s how you make it happen:

When to Write:  Ideally, you’ll want to write this letter on wedding day.  Take a 5-10 minute break from your preparations, commandeer a quiet corner, and pour your heart onto paper.  Of course you also have the option of writing this letter before wedding day.  That’ll give you a chance to get it perfect but it’ll also take away any spontaneous moments and feelings that can wash over you on this important day.

How to Write:  With your hand.  Grab a pen, put it in your right hand (unless you’re a weirdo lefty), and press pen to paper.  Don’t even think about typing and printing it.  Talk about killing the romance.  (However, a love letter from a classic typewriter could be really cute.)  Don’t worry about poor handwriting or imperfect spacing.  That’s part of the charm.  As for what to write on, pre-select some nice stationary.  Something similar to what your invitations are printed on could be good.  A nice card would also do.  Skip the computer printer paper.

When to Exchange:  A sweet, handwritten love note is good at any time of day or night.  They never get old.  However, the best time for something like this is before the ceremony, probably after you’re ready and dressed with hair and makeup complete.  A makeup touchup might be required after your eyes start to leak.

How to Exchange:  Assuming that you do this before the ceremony and during preps, you’ll want to find a trusted courier for the task.  A sibling, parent, or member of your wedding party should be able to complete this mission without a problem.  An alternate option would be to deliver it yourself during a first look or a first touch.  What a way to add extra emotion to an already emotional moment…

Once you’ve survived wedding day and the ensuing honeymoon, you need to put these letters in a place where you can see them and remember them.  Don’t just toss them in the attic.  Have them custom framed, possibly with a wedding photo of you two or photos of each of you writing the letters, and hang them in your new home.  This way they can be seen whenever you want and remind you of the love that you share on that day and the love that you shared on your wedding day.


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