Extra Prep Time Will Save Your Sanity

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However much time you think you need for pre-ceremony preparations, add an extra half hour to an hour.  This will prevent headaches, lessen your stress, and just plain save your sanity.

You’ll already have plenty of pre-wedding jitters.  That the nature of the beast, and that’s without considering potential time overages and people running late.

Eliminate that additional stress by planning extra time into your preps.  It doesn’t take much to throw off your well-intentioned, thoroughly planned timeline.  Even if you’re a punctual person, things happen that are beyond your control.

Here are a few reasons why should should consider this:

*Makeup, hair, and photography can run long.  Despite their best intentions, not every vendor will complete their tasks in their allotted time.  It could be that they’re just plain tardy, but it could also be that complications have emerged that were unavoidable.  Either way, you can give them the time they need by planning extra time.

*People run late.  Anybody, not just vendors, can be late.  Actually, make that will be late.  Timeliness is a lost skill these days.  Late parents or bridesmaids will throw off everything.  Heck, you might be the late one.  Telling everybody, including yourself, to be in place a little earlier than necessary can save some hassle later.

*Dresses are complicated.  How many times have you worn your wedding dress?  Probably not many.  It takes longer than you’d think to put it on.  Just getting it on without messing up your hair and makeup is a feat.  Zippers are pretty easy to handle when it comes to fastening your dress but tiny buttons and corset ties are a bear.  They take time.

*Last minute touchups.  This is especially important for hot summer weddings.  You exerted effort to put on your dress and then traipsed around doing pre-ceremony photos.  You might need a few, or more than a few, moments to get yourself back together.  This could possibly mean a second round in the hair and makeup chair.

Worst case, everything goes well and you don’t need the extra time.  You can spend this time with your closest friends and family members, all of whom will be right there, gathered around you.  That’s (hopefully) not a bad thing.

Add in this extra time to save yourself from getting a headache.  Headaches should be reserved for the morning-after party hangover.


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