Five Ways to Invite Halloween to Your Wedding

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Are you a fan of the ghoulish and wonderfully scary?  Want to incorporate tricks and treats into your wedding without wandering into campy and cliché?  Here’s the perfect list of ideas to add a touch of “boo!” to your “I dos.”

Macabre Masquerade

Masquerade-themed parties can be romantic and formal while being mysterious and spooky.  It’s a fine line between a beautiful, graceful celebration and hauntingly eerie.

Encourage guests via invite or save-the-date to create or purchase their own masks or provide them at the beginning of your celebration.  If you’re requesting them to be guest-provided, make sure to give some helpful information in the correspondence like where they can go to purchase one or where to look if they want to make one.

If you want to cut your guests some slack or just plain micromanage (it’s ok, we understand) and purchase your own, you select an array of colors and styles or limit it to fit your theme and palate.  Either way, it’s sure to loosen people up and make for some fantastic photos.

Creepy Costumes

A step up from the masquerade party would be inviting your guests to arrive in costume.  Be cautious and aware: some guests are not going to be fans of this.  You can always keep it to your wedding party and invite guests to join, optionally.

The cool thing about costume weddings?  They’re costumes!  Stick with a theme, go big or small or have a free for all and see the creativity (or just plain weird) that your family (and the one you’re marrying into) exhibits.  You can integrate a costume contest and other fun games at the reception.

The bad?  They’re costumes.  Maybe you won’t be able to tell from photos years later who’s who or someone will take it a step too far, have too many cocktails and stuff their Fonzie wig half into the front of their pants at the reception.  We all know that person…or are that person.  Ahem.

Devilishly Delicious Dessert

A more subtle, sweet approach to a wicked wedding detail is to have an evilly inspired cake or dessert.  There are lots of ideas out there on the net…too many for someone to not want to attempt them.

Think all black desserts, treats made to look like tricks or a spooky-style wedding cake.  Any of them would be a smashing way to say “I love who I’m marrying but also wandering around cemeteries sometimes.”

Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride basically begs to be used as inspiration for a wedding cake.  You can go unnecessarily gory or witchingly pretty.  Anyway, you should do this.  What could be better than buttercream and fondant made to give you the creeps?

Frightful Photos 

Really want to keep your fetish for things fear-provoking under wraps?  Fine, we get it.  We don’t want grandpa judging us either.  Collaborate with your photographer (needed: mad-awesome Photoshop skills) and see if they can work some after-effects magic on your wedding photos.  Request whatever ridiculous, nightmare of a hell-scape your mind can conjure and see if your photog can oblige.  A good rule of thumb is the more color that drains out of their face as you brainstorm, the better your idea is.

Get creative.  ZombiesDinosaurs!  A much less terrifying dinosaur!  The Stay-Puft Man?  Ok, this is just getting weird, now.  As you can see, there seem to be no limits…also, lending themselves directly to the stuff of nightmares.  Are you happy now?!

Anyway, by getting your photographer in on it, the Halloween tricky fun will be something purely for your enjoyment and not for others’ judgement!  You can send them out later announcing your matrimony or keep them all to yourselves, blown up to movie-screen size hanging in your guest bedroom.  Whatever.

Monster Merengue 

A truly tricky feat to pull off is to begin your first dance as a married couple normally and then reveal your penchant for something spooky.  Have the DJ switch to the Monster Mash in the middle of the song or Alice Cooper’s Feed My Frankenstein (or not) and break out the crazy moves.

You win the whole kit and caboodle if you can don some white gloves, pull a rabbit out of a hat and do this in front of your guests (skip to 1:48 if you hate cool music).

Just be advised if you decide to whip out MJ’s Thriller, you’d better have practiced until your toes bleed.  No one wants to see a half-hearted attempt…ever.  Ever.

Pick one from the list, pick them all – just don’t be scared to invite Halloween to your wedding.  You should be scared of candy corn, though.  That stuff will probably kill you.


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