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They met in middle school.  They always kept in touch.  Now they’re engaged with an engagement session (and upcoming November wedding) to show for it.

Gary, a custom support manager, and Molly, a 4th grade teacher, selected downtown New Bern, NC for their engagement session.  As Molly says, they chose downtown, “because we both love the southern charm of the city and were both born and raised here.”

Molly has an important piece of advice to pass along to other brides.  She says, “Do your research and find a photographer that stands out. Rob and Kristen (of Rob + Kristen Photography) do amazing work and their photographs are unique. We didn’t want the typical engagement pictures that you see everywhere.”

She says that they became fast friends with their photographers and even went out to lunch with them after the shoot.

Enjoy Gary and Molly’s New Bern, NC engagement session!

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Photography: Rob + Kristen Photography (Web)


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