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Hadley shot her bridal portrait where she works.  It’s important to note where that is before you imagine boring setting like an office building.  She’s a gardener at Tryon Palace.  Thanks to her and her coworkers, it’s one of the most beautiful places to shoot in Eastern North Carolina.

Hadley made sure to shoot in all of her favorite gardens including the one that she’s primarily responsible for.  She says one of her favorite pictures was “the one taken in the kitchen garden in the collard patch (picture #4 below)- that one is a little defiant since it’s a Tryon Palace gardener only pose (we don’t allow people to stand in the garden beds).”  She continues, “The kitchen garden is the garden I’m responsible for and my favorite garden since before I worked in New Bern. The plant I was sitting next to was collards (that were in bloom!) which I wanted since it’s a goofy ‘oh look a flower. NOPE, a vegetable!’ me kinda thing.”

She has one other favorite and describes it in gardener terms.  She says it was taken “in the Kellenberger garden near the confederate jasmine (picture #11 below) which is one of my favorite plants and I love the downward look.”  We’ll take her word that it’s confederate jasmine.  Whatever it’s called, it looks pretty to us!

As for brides that can’t stand in beautiful gardens of their own making, she has a piece of advice for you: “Be yourself– and make sure your shoes are comfortable before you walk/stand in them for 2-3 hrs.”

Enjoy Hadley’s Tryon Palace/New Bern, NC bridal portrait!

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Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)

Venue: Tryon Palace


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