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Do your wedding visions include flowers and glitter on grand scales?  Well, we’re with you so far.  Arriving upon white horse and departing in rocket ship-shaped golf cart?  Super, let’s do it.  Immediately upon exiting your reception are you snatching up your bags and heading to the airport?  Hold up, crazy pants.  We think this article is for you.

While your six-year-old self may have planned your wedding that way, for the sake of practicality, sanity and cost, check out these undeniable benefits to waiting a few days to head off for a post-nuptial getaway.


You’ve just planned every detail of the most important day of your life from cake topper to toenail polish.  You and your newly betrothed have panicked, primped and prepared for a day that’s now behind you.  If we could, we’d applaud, hand you a drink and offer you a seat.

The equivalent of that would be taking a couple of days after your wedding to refocus and relax before jetting off (literally or not) to your honeymoon.  There is less to plan this way since you can pack after you get home, drop the furballs at the sitter before you leave and enjoy a moment existing as a married dynamic duo.  The thought of packing for your wedding night and reception and then having to pack for your honeymoon is gag-inducing.

This would also give you an opportunity to unpack some wedding fare before leaving so you don’t arrive back home to a glob of gifts and décor in the middle of your living room floor.

Lastly, you’ll have an opportunity to tie up any loose ends before dragging them along with you on your trip.  Quickly check your email, pop into the office if need be, and do a cursory glance at your social media accounts, if you’re so inclined.  And then leave it all alone until after your honeymoon!

Save Money

The USA Today says the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you plan your trip so you leave in the middle of the week as opposed to on a Sunday, you can save a few dollars and avoid the hassle of a crowded-er airport (because, let’s face it, they’re never not crowded).

You’ll also avoid dealing with the weekend traffic jams and crowds, and beyond-capacity parking lot and structures.

After spending what was likely a decent chunk of change, do yourselves a favor and save where and when you can… except discount seafood.  Don’t stoop that low.  Your guts can thank us later.

Prolong the Festivities

One of the biggest benefits of waiting to leave for your honeymoon is you can prolong the wedding festivities a tad.  You can easily plan a brunch the next day with some out-of-town family and friends or go out for drinks after the wedding without worrying about catching an early flight the next morning.

Show your people around the town, guide them toward the best eateries and sights and just hang out with the folks you love as a finally married couple.

Not only that, but after the meteoric rise of your pre-wedding excitement, it can be quite nice to let it descend a little before the suspense of your honeymoon washes your way.

So stick your wedding bouquet in a big vase, admire your newest hardware on your left hand, listen to some Michael Buble and let a couple days slide on by.  It’s like celebrating before you celebrate.  Shoot, you can even eat leftover wedding cake.  You know…in your pajamas!  We don’t judge.


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