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It’s time to discuss a critical topic that you probably don’t know how to execute.  You’ll get to this moment of the reception and freeze.  Today we’re talking about cutting the cake.

It a funny introduction to such a simple concept yet it seems like no bride in the history of weddings has known how to cut the cake.  It’s way different than cutting a round birthday cake or a rectangular sheet cake.

First off, you need to get the notion of a slice of cake out of your mind.  You’re not cutting a slice, you’re cutting a small piece.  That sounds like splitting hairs but it’s not.  A slice is what you’d eat at a birthday party (followed by another slice and another slice…).  You want to cut about two inches into the cake, enough to get through the frosting and get some actual cake.  Remember, you’re not feeding your new spouse their entire dessert, you’re just giving them a bite.

Let’s go through this step by step.

Prepare the tools:  You’ll want to have a cake server, a large knife, and possibly a couple forks ready to go.  Some brides have fancy engraved ones created specifically for this instance but it isn’t mandatory.  It’s not like the engraving makes it function that much better, it’s just for show.  However, even if you don’t have fancy tools, it can’t hurt to bring your own regular cake server and knife.  Your venue should have their own but you never know.

Jon and Jenn Wedding-582-2Place the hands:  The bride holds the knife in her dominant hand.  The groom places his hand on top of hers.

Cut the cake:  Make two small cuts an inch apart and an inch or two deep.  Remember, you just need a small amount, not an entire birthday cake slice.  You may or may not need to make a third cut across the first two cuts in order to slide it out.

Pull the piece:  Stick the cake server under the piece and pull it out.  If it doesn’t want to come out, this is when you would do the third slice.  Make sure that you have a plate handy because it’ll inevitably flop over to the side.  (No cake-on-the-floor party fouls, people!)

Split the piece:  Now that you have one tall thin slice of cake, cut it in half.  You now have your two bitesize pieces to feed to each other.

Kevin and Devon Wedding-538-2Feed the spouse:  Feed the small piece of cake to your spouse using your hand or a fork.  If you plan on smashing the cake on their face, please use your hands.  Four-pronged facial stab wounds aren’t a good idea.

Congrats, you’re now prepared to cut the cake.  Don’t worry, when you eventually forget everything written in this article in the heat of the moment, somebody at the wedding (planner/photographer/venue representative) will be able to help you get it done without too much confusion.


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