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Israel and Aisha went to college together in Texas, got married in Oklahoma, currently live in Kansas, and they shot their engagement session in… New Bern, NC?

New Bern definitely seems like the odd one out in that set of locations.  However, Eastern North Carolina is where Aisha’s parents had recently moved and they shot their session during the holidays.  She says, “We decided to do our engagement session in New Bern instead of Texas because we were very busy at school. Trying to find a photographer and schedule a session in the two months between our engagement and the end of the semester (which included Thanksgiving break and finals week), while also trying to finish our classes and start wedding planning, seemed like too much.”

The most memorable part of their shoot was a misunderstanding with their photographers, Bob and Amanda of Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web).  Here’s Aisha’s telling of the story: “We were posing on a bench with me leaning on Israel, and Amanda told Israel that he was basically a glorified pillow. At the same time, Bob was asking me whether I was comfortable putting my feet on the bench in the (long) skirt I was wearing; I told him it would be fine because I had previously climbed into a dumpster in a very similar skirt. Amanda then told Israel that he’d better get used to it, because marriage would be like that over and over again! I just had to ask: ‘Marriage is like climbing into a dumpster?'”

Aisha’s advice to you isn’t about the engagement session or the wedding.  It’s about what comes after.  She says, “It’s important to remember that marriage really isn’t about the wedding, it’s about the life you share together after the wedding. Talking about important issues like faith, money, children, etc and making sure we were on the same page before the wedding (or even before we got engaged) has made the transition to married life a lot smoother.”

Enjoy Israel and Aisha’s New Bern, NC engagement session!



Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)


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