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Weddings are stressful and confusing.  We’re here to help you with the entire process: before, during and after your wedding day.  We do everything from recommending other fantastic vendors to help lay out your wedding day timeline.  I constantly tell our clients and I’ll tell you too: We’re here to help!  What can we do for you? What we aren’t:  We’re not the photographers who just show up on your wedding day and ask where we’re supposed to be.  We’re not some strangers who just keep following you around on your wedding day.  We’re not so one track minded that we only focus on the final product.  It’s about the process and experience that go into making amazing images. By the time that wedding day arrives, our couples don’t think of us as “the photographers.”  They know us as Bob and Amanda, which is how we like it. We only do a limited number of weddings in order to spend the right amount of time on each one.  Want to know if we still have dates available this year or next year?  Contact us and find out! Our standard coverage area includes much of Eastern North Carolina, ranging from Greenville to Jacksonville and Kinston to the coast.  For a custom quoted travel fee we’re also available for travel.  We have covered weddings from east (North Carolina) to west (Arizona) and north (Pennsylvania) to south (Florida). We’re proud members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and we use the training and education they provide on every shoot.