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When things don’t go as planned and you forget what you’re supposed to do, sometimes you just need to improvise.  That’s what Jessie and Alecia did during the first dance.

Alecia says, “We had taught ourselves a special first dance routine to surprise everyone. We were so happy and excited that day and when our first dance came, we realized our perfectly choreographed dance we worked so hard on had left our minds. However, we both just went with it, making up moves as we went, and it ended up being so much fun! We laughed so much and no one even noticed that we had no clue what we were doing. Everyone loved it anyways!”

The couple originally met when Alecia was in high school and they dated for ten years and were engaged for two before they got married.  “In 2006, he was working as a cashier recently after graduating from high school and I was still attending high school,” she says. “He was a friend of a friend and we instantly connected! He even took me to my prom and gave me a beautiful heart necklace for the dance. Almost ten years later, and I still have that necklace. I wore it on our wedding day!”

When it comes to what happens on the wedding day, Alecia says that you come first.  She says, “Do not focus on making everyone else happy. This day is about you and your fiance. We originally planned on having a bigger wedding, at an appropriately sized venue, to accommodate everyone. In the end we realized it made things more stressful and wasn’t what we wanted. A smaller wedding in our location was just perfect for us and we are so happy we choose that path.”

Enjoy Jessie and Alecia’s DIY Corolla, NC wedding!



Photography: OrangeDog Images (Web)


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