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As hurricane season comes upon us, it’s good to remember that weddings can still go on before the storm and after the storm.  Jim and Ashley were married on Bald Head Island in the wake of last year’s Hurricane Joaquin.

Ashley says, “The week leading up to our wedding there was a hurricane that created knee-deep puddles all over the island. We were so stressed about our guests being able to get around or even stay at their house rentals. The morning of our wedding was rainy but once it was time for the beach ceremony, the rain stopped. The overcast sky was beautiful and the rest of the afternoon and evening were warm and perfect.”

The couple chose Bald Head Island because it’s their “favorite place on earth.”  Her parents have owned a house on the island for 12 years.  They say, “unlike anywhere else and we knew that our guests would love having a weekend getaway to a private island.”

Jim and Ashley had a handful of cute DIY touches that they added.  She says, “Our ceremony had small individual bottles of champagne and Perrier for guests; we had beach balls thrown in the air for our recession; our ‘guest book’ was Polaroid pictures that the guests took and signed; our escort cards were placed in succulents in votives that our guests were to take home.”

Enjoy Jim and Ashley’s Bald Head Island wedding!

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Photography: Whitmeyer Photography (Web)

Venue and Catering: Bald Head Island Club

Florals: Special Arrangements NC

DJ: Coastal DJ & Video


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