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Jonai’s bridal portrait took place a long, long time ago, so long ago that your summer-weary, sweat-addled self can’t remember it.  It’s a time called “winter.”

Even though Jonai’s portrait took place at a completely different time of year, you’d be surprised at the parallels.  Insert hot adjectives and nouns in place of cold ones and you’ll see for yourself.

Jonai says, “If you are taking pictures during the winter months no matter how cold it is keep your smile pretty all the way through the shoot because it will show in picture.”  Now insert “summer” and “hot” and the advice applies brilliantly.  You really do have to keep smiling no matter how hot or cold you are.

She also remembers that the most memorable part of the shoot was the pink blanket that she was given between shots to keep her warm.  You won’t need that in the summer (hopefully), but you’ll need plenty of beverages and maybe a sweat towel.  There’s nothing more sexy than toweling sweat off of yourself!

Enjoy Jonai’s Tryon Palace/New Bern, NC bridal portrait!

Jonai Bridal-1 Jonai Bridal-10 Jonai Bridal-13 Jonai Bridal-28 Jonai Bridal-38 Jonai Bridal-42 Jonai Bridal-47 Jonai Bridal-50 Jonai Bridal-54



Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)

Venue: Tryon Palace


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