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Lindsey was a DIY bride but there was one handmade detail that stood above the others when she married her now-husband Josh.

She says, “My favorite were my memory charms I had made for my bouquet. Each one representing three great men that were no longer with us; my Papa, Grandpa and my Uncle. I handpicked each photo and had them sent in and made into charms. On the back of each one read ‘I know you’d be here today, if Heaven weren’t so far away.’ This is a fantastic way for brides to have loved ones with them on their wedding day!”

The couple, who met at the gym where Lindsey worked, were originally engaged Airlie Gardens in Wilmington.  Lindsey wanted to keep the same rustic garden feel for their wedding so she chose The Atrium for the ceremony and 128 South for the reception, both of which are also in Wilmington.

The proposal wasn’t the only surprise Josh had for Lindsey.  18 months later at their wedding, he pulled out his guitar that she thought he could barely play.  She says, “My most memorable part of my wedding day was when Josh surprised me at our reception and sang to me! I was shocked! I had no idea! I knew he had a guitar but never really played it around me except strumming a few chords. He used the last few weeks before the wedding to practice playing and singing Nat King Cole’s ‘Love,’ during times I wasn’t home. So imagine my surprise when he grabs the microphone at our reception and surprises me with his serenade. Can you say swoon?”  You can even see part of the performance at the end of this article!

One final cute detail to share: The couple’s first touch.  Lindsey says, “Josh was very adamant about not seeing me before the ceremony. Traditionalist at heart, he wanted the first look to be as I was walking down the aisle and I was okay with that. However, I did want to meet with him before the ceremony. This was so exciting and fun to do because it was a chance we could both share laughing, talking and praying before the ceremony, without him seeing me.”

Enjoy Josh and Lindsey’s Wilmington, NC wedding!

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Photography: Treebird Photography

Ceremony Venue: The Atrium

Reception Venue: 128 South

Cake: Delicate Design

Lighting: High Performance Lighting

Video: Light Cannon Films

Flowers: Cheryl’s Floral Design


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