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They grew up together.  They dated since they were kids.  They got to wedding day.  Then it rained.

Mark and Kerri have known each other for nearly their entire lives.  On the date they came together in marriage, the weather (thankfully) held off long enough to complete the reception but most of their couples session was a wash.

What’s an almost-wet bride to do?  Another shoot.

“We still got some great pictures on the day of our wedding, thanks to our great photographers, but I knew that I would always wish we had more outdoor pictures,” says Kerri.  “My dream was to have an outdoor wedding on the lake surrounded by fields and I didn’t have any pictures of this to show because of the rain.  So we decided to come back after the honeymoon and try again to capture these pictures.  And… it rained that day too.”

It rained before and after the follow up shoot but, luckily, not during it.

For their location, they decided to shoot in the same place that their wedding was held: Whitehurst Lake House outside of Greenville.  Kerri says, “We both love being outdoors and this site brought our two favorite things together, being in the country and being on the water.”

Day after sessions are a great idea because you can work around the weather and because there’s more time than there is on wedding day.  Kerri pointed out that “it was so much more relaxing than the day of the wedding when you feel rushed to get to your reception.”

Enjoy Mark and Kerri’s day after session!

Mark and Kerri Day After-4

“My favorite picture is the one of us standing on the small island in the lake with our full reflection in the water,” says Kerri.  “This picture is amazing with the full mirror image on the water, the beautiful natural background and the fact that my husband who hates smiling for pictures is grinning ear to ear!”

Mark and Kerri Day After-18 Mark and Kerri Day After-24 Mark and Kerri Day After-29 Mark and Kerri Day After-32 Mark and Kerri Day After-42 Mark and Kerri Day After-45 Mark and Kerri Day After-53 Mark and Kerri Day After-55 Mark and Kerri Day After-60 Mark and Kerri Day After-64 Mark and Kerri Day After-74

Does a day after session sound like a good idea?  Is it something that you would do?


Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)

Venue: Whitehurst Lake House


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