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Mike and Anna live in Arlington, VA but that was never going to be where to they got married.  Anna always knew her wedding would be in Emerald Isle, NC.

She says, “I have grown up going to Emerald Isle – our family has had a house down there since the 70’s. I always knew I wanted to get married at Emerald Isle and when we got engaged The Watson House was already on my radar. We went down in the spring after we got engaged and knew as soon we stepped on the property that it was magical and exactly what we wanted for our wedding.”

The couple, who met in college at James Madison University, did something at their wedding that we recommend highly: take it all in.  Anna says, “As everyone had sat down for dinner, Mike and I stood back and just looked at all of our friends and family sitting outside under the twinkly lights. It was exactly as we had imagined it would be and we just listened to the murmur of all the different conversations going on.”

The advice that she’d like to pass along to you is something you should consider.  She says, “HAVE A WEDDING PLANNER!!! Not only did my wedding planner and Amanda (of Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)) help me bleach my dress during cocktail hour but they took care of every detail. If something went wrong, Mike and I still don’t know about it to this day. That is the way it should be for every bride!”

Enjoy Mike and Anna’s Emerald Isle, NC wedding!

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Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)

Catering: The Flame (ECB/Web)

Venue: The Watson House

Band: Mr. Potato Head

Florals: Dream Makers Wedding Estates

Hair: Amy Libby

Hair Piece: Alvaro Coronado

Makeup: Cameron Carson


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