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Taylor and Lyz came to Nags Head from Burlington for their destination wedding.  They were greeted by beautiful beaches a strong wind gusts.

The wind was a steady 35 mph with gusts up to 50, not that you can tell by the photos.  Taylor and Lyz, along with Lyz’s daughter Bethany, look completely unfazed and they had an incredible time.  She says, “My most memorable part of the wedding I would have to say was the ceremony itself. It was unforgettable and my bridal party rocked it even with the 50 mph wind gusts!”

The couple met when Taylor helped Lyz get car parts at the auto store where he worked.  (Good job, Taylor!)  They chose Nags Head for their venue, Jennette’s Pier.  Lyz says, “The venue choice was very easy as I had never been at a pier that was that amazing. I was looking for something at the beach but not directly on the sand and the reception hall I wanted inside. So to find the two things I wanted and needed and for it to be as beautiful as Jennette’s Pier in the Outer Banks had me floored.”

They received two pieces of advice.  Lyz says, “The best advice I received during the planning was don’t stress the small stuff, if something was missed only I would know. The best advice I received for marriage would have to be don’t let the honeymoon end!”

Enjoy Taylor and Lyz’s Nags Head, NC wedding!

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Photography: Michelle Robinson Photography (Web)

Venue: Jennette’s Pier

Cake: Atlantic Cake Company

DJ: All King Entertainment

Catering: Montero’s Restaurant


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