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It made his heart “tingle” when she said yes but getting to that point was no easy task as Neal proposed to Dharmi, his college sweetheart and girlfriend of five years.

“I was thinking about where and when i am going to do it for months,” Neal says.  “I was sitting at work and I decided how much I love this girl and I would like to bring her into my life and create a new beginning with her.”

In order to create that beginning, he drove from Greensboro to visit Dharmi in New Bern where he proposed near Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant.

As for his advice for other guys out there, he says, “Just dont make any mistakes, talk everything out and remember all the good times with your other half.”  Don’t make any mistakes.  That’s good advice!

It sounds like he made the right decision.  Neal says, “I love this woman from the bottom of my heart and soul, I would do anything for her and give up the whole world for her. I love her a lot!”

Enjoy Neal and Dharmi’s New Bern, NC proposal!

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Neal says, “My favorite photo is the one where is she excited with her hands over her mouth and she is about to cry because I know those are tears of happiness and joy.”

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Photography: Open Aperture Photography (ECB/Web)


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