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Engagement sessions have plenty of props.  A huge, wild pelican usually isn’t among them.

Nick and Lisa were shooting the second part of their engagement session at Kure Beach when they happened upon a pelican on the pier.  Lisa says, “He was just hanging out on the pier we when arrived. Our photographer wanted to see how close we could get and to our surprise, he let us get quite close! Though he did a great job of startling me when he left! We returned to that pier many times since then after our session and he still hangs out there, probably waiting for some fish. He’s a great attraction and a great photo prop!”

The couple, who met on, shot the first half of their session at Hugh MacRae Park in Wilmington, the place where Nick proposed.  Lisa says, “We used a picnic idea, since we love to do so during the summer. He also brought my favorite wine when he proposed, so we made sure to include that as well.”

The part that will stick with them was the kissing.  There was a lot of it.  She says, “We were amazed at how many times we were asked to kiss; not that we minded. It was a lot of fun and the memory has stuck with us.”

One final, fun note: Nick and Lisa’s engagement session was shot exactly one year ago yesterday.

Enjoy Nick and Lisa’s Wilmington/Kure Beach engagement session!

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Lisa says the next photo is her favorite: “Our photo on the pier at sunset, where we’re facing each other. After a long day of smiling and posing, and starting to freeze on the beach by the end of the day, we had a moment to just giggle and relax; which warmed us. We realized we had so much fun despite how worried we were before the session started.”




Photography: AO&JO Photography (Web)


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