One of the iconic symbols of a wedding is the cake; a multitiered snow white confection that towers above the celebration and will be cut and served or smushed by the newlyweds.  If you are thinking that you’d like to skip tradition and not have cake there are other options to consider for you and your guests.


  • Let them eat PIE! Show your patriotism and offer apple pie, or blueberry, or pumpkin, or peach or whatever is in season or that happens to be your favorite.
  • Cookies, Brownies, Bars and Doughnuts (and the obvious cupcake) can be stacked to look like a cake. You can also pop them into a personalized goodie bag for the trip home with your guests.
  • Tiny Bites: Petitfours or mini cannoli and other exotic pastries lend a formal finish to your reception and they can also be arranged in tiers for the cake effect. Or you can offer mini-desserts in keepsake glasses either of the engraved type or canning jar style.

You can select pastries that you crave, are family stalwarts, or that match your wedding décor.  Depending on the size of your wedding, you may even convince friends and family to bake for you. If not, go to your local bakery and order the right quantity based on your guest list.


  • You scream for ice cream. You can still have a cake, but the layers are limited and you have to cut it quickly! Other options for delivery include having an ice cream or Italian ice truck roll up and letting everyone order individually, setting up a make your own sundae bar with a wide array of toppings, or sedately serving a slice of spumoni or a mini banana split.
  • Popsicles are not just for kids. The current flavors of the frozen slush are way beyond grape and orange. You can even have a Popsicle flavor specially created for your wedding. Suggested serving is upside down in a glass with a splash of champagne or go rustic and just supply color coordinated paper napkins.
  • There’s always room for Jello! Again, not the stuff with the fruit cocktail in it or that red one that says its strawberry but you’re not quite sure. This is a more sophisticated take on a classic with a flavor designed for you. Served, of course, with real whipped cream.

While an icy treat is welcome on a really hot day, talk with your wedding planner about the logistics for serving a frozen dessert, otherwise you may end up with a cool soup.


  • Cheese it! Take wheels of delectable cheeses and stack them adorned with fresh fruit. A luscious low carb, gluten free option for your celebration.  And there will be no question about who cut the cheese.
  • Candy’s Dandy… If you still want something to display and cut, you can build a “cake” out of your preferred candy whether it is cups, bars, or morsels.  Create a candy “bar” and your guests will rush to grab that sugar buzz and fill their pouches with colorful bits and bites.  You could instead choose to go high end and offer a selection of decadent truffles to go with the coffee.
  • Fruity Finish – You can build a cake from the cores of a watermelon, a cantaloupe, and a mango topped off with kiwi and star fruit. Or dish out an in-season selection of fruit and berries in paper cones or stunning crystal.  Just always remember the whipped cream.

Whichever non-cake option you decide upon, remember that you also have alternatives for serving the final course:

  • Festive serve yourself options get everyone up and moving
  • Deliver a variety of your chosen dessert to each table and let the guests go at it
  • Have the “non-cake” formally served

Be ready for the concern about breaking with the cake tradition. But as official grown-ups heading off into wedded bliss, you don’t have to eat cake, or vegetables, if you don’t want to.


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