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Receiving lines are boring, tedious, and completely unnecessary.  Save yourself some time and cut yours from your wedding.

A receiving line is when your guests line up after the ceremony and you walk down the line, greeting them individually.  This is a traditional part of weddings that is thankfully disappearing.

You have better things to do with your time.  Let’s examine just how much time it takes by illustrating through a sample.  (Don’t worry, we’ll do the math for you.)  If you have 150 guests at your wedding and they all came in pairs, then you have 75 couples to greet in the receiving line.  You only plan to spend a mere 30 seconds with each couple.  If you go from one couple to the next to the next with zero seconds in between, that means you’ll spend 38 minutes in line.

It’s not like this would be 38 well spent minutes in deep conversation.  Everybody will tell you what a beautiful wedding it was, they’re thankful to be invited, and congrats on the whole thing.  If they go deeper, they might ask how you feel or where you’re going on your honeymoon.  These aren’t exactly deep conversations on the meaning of life.  Now multiply this same superficial chat by 75 couples.

You can find something better to do with these 38 minutes on your wedding day.  Go take some pictures.  That’s what you should be doing between your ceremony and reception anyway.  Eat cocktail hour food.  You’ll need a snack.  Spend time with your new spouse.  You only get this moment once.

Greeting your guests is a must but we have a better solution.  Once you’re done eating dinner, go from table to table and say hi.  The newlyweds always get fed first so you’ll be done eating first.  You’ll be able to talk to 8-10 people at a time and spend longer, probably two or three minutes, talking to an entire group.  You can get the superficial stuff out of the way quickly and still have real conversations with people while saving time.

Please don’t have a receiving line at your wedding.  You’ll thank us later.


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