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Can it really be called winter in Eastern North Carolina?  Well, sure!  Even without the guaranteed subzero temperatures and feet upon feet of snow, the magic of the season and difficulties that may or may not come along with it still apply.  Pondering a winter celebration of your love?  Read onward for a few pros and cons you may want to consider.


  1. The unseasonable warmth makes it a reasonable timeframe for even an outside ceremony.  It can be tricky, however.  It would likely be best to shoot for the beginning or the end of the season or provide some external heat or shelter, just in case it turns nasty.  Don’t turn your guests’ toes into ice sausages!
  2. Beach photo ops are always part of the Carolina coastline allure.  Oceans don’t freeze in the winter, making the beach a viable option for photos, still (depending on your level of crazy).  We’re not promising it won’t be windy or goose-bump inducing but it will be beautiful and you’ll do what your photographer tells you to!
  3. Some wedding vendors or venues may be inclined to give you discounted rates in the off-season.  Be sure to plan ahead in case they don’t, obviously, but it is a good idea to ask.  They are likely to have business slow to trickle in during the colder months.  The chance at your business may warm their hearts enough to cut you a deal.
  4. With the chance of inclement weather being so slender, worries about your guests safely reaching the destination of your exchange of love need not apply.  The roads will likely be clear, ice-free and absent of the icy, slushy woes one may encounter up north.  Don’t mind the bitterness from people in the north, they’re just jealous.
  5. The presence of North Carolina’s state bird, the ever-present mosquito, dwindles in the colder months.  Less frequent sightings mean no DEET-scented perfume, no itching, swollen bumps for your loved ones to scratch, and no citronella on your reception tables unless you’re really fond of that slightly lemon-scented chemical aroma.  Which is a little strange, honestly.


  1. While the probability of no snow may be up there in our “pros” portion of this list, there’s also something to be missed when the air gets colder but isn’t accompanied by the sparkling, frozen flakes that can be pretty, in a slightly terrifying way.  On a serious note, snow can make for not only a beautiful day and evening but incredible photos – the more unexpected, the better!
  2. To add to that sentiment, if there’s a flake present, there’s the impending doom of a Snowpocalypse or its cousin, an Icepocalypse.  That is, the roads become impassable, life as we know it halts and all of the toilet paper and milk in the world won’t save you.  Your guests may find themselves stuck for a while as reliable transportation in a snow-laden Carolina is fictional and futile.
  3. Also to add to a “pro” from above is that while some vendors and venues may be easier on your pocketbook, some may be totally unavailable due to the season.  Towns that rely on tourists during the summer months may nearly (or literally) shut down when the colder weather comes a-knocking, leaving activities and attractions around your celebration slim for the picking.
  4. Another con?  Everything that was once alive, green and colorful is likely a bit more drab and dreary-looking.  If you were hoping for beautiful and lush scenery as a backdrop for wedding photos, basically not going to happen.  That is, unless you can supplement with silk florals which can get very pricey very quickly.  Not only that, you and your photographers alike may get hypothermic trying to get some good photos.  Find a good one that can Photoshop your goosebumps out!
  5. Attendance may be a bit of an issue for a winter wedding.  Carolinians have fairly thin skin (we mean no offense because that skin usually comes with a perfectly glowing tan!), sometimes.  The cold doesn’t bode well with them.  Bribe them with wedding programs featuring hand warmers, a short ceremony and the promise of soul-warming booze afterward.

A winter wedding celebration can truly be a unique and breathtaking event but it doesn’t come without its fair share of things to be cautious of.  Plan ahead, embrace the weather in whatever form and have a stockpile of milk and toilet paper because…well, you never do know.


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