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Surely it won’t rain on your wedding day.  It’s your wedding day.  Why would Mother Nature dampen your spirits and everything else in the vicinity?  Because that’s just how it works sometimes.

It’s imperative that you must have a rain backup for every part of your wedding day.  It’s naive to think that there’s no chance of rain on your wedding day, even if the weather report says there’s a 0% chance of rain.  Coastal popup showers happen frequently in the summer and seemingly come from nowhere.

What are you going to do if it rains on your wedding day, cancel the entire thing?  No, we highly doubt that.  Instead, you’ll need to follow your rain backup plan.

If you’ve planned an inside ceremony and an inside reception, then congrats.  You’re now exempt from most of this article.  You might need help from a bridesmaid or kind limo driver holding an umbrella to get from your transportation into a building.  Your photographer might have to change outdoor portrait plans to indoor portrait plans.  Other than that, you’re probably set.

Most weddings in Eastern North Carolina don’t take the indoor-indoor path.  It’s such a beautiful area full of ocean, rivers, and historic sites that many brides choose to do something outside to take advantage of it.  This article is especially important for those brides.

If you’re lucky, the rain will just blow through quickly.  It might only take a 15 minute delay of the ceremony or reception intros.  In that case, seek cover and ride it out.  After that, your venue staff, wedding planner staff, and possibly your groomsmen can run around drying whatever needs to be dried before continuing with the original plans.

However, sometimes a serious rain storm is coming through or you’re stuck with one of those drizzly days that’s just gross and keeps sprinkling all day.  In those cases, it’s time for a more serious rain backup plan.

Make sure that you ask about rain plans when selecting a venue.  Most venues will already have a standard plan in place and they spell it out for you before you book.  That way, if it rains on wedding day, there’s already a plan in place.

Most outdoor receptions rent a tent and use it regardless.  That way it’s there and in place, ready for the sudden downpour.  If you rent a tent for this reason, you should consider getting one that has sides that roll down.  That’ll prevent rain from blowing in the side of the tent in the event of a gusty shower.

If your outdoor ceremony looks like it’ll be a washout, move it to wherever your reception will be held.  Now that you have a tent (or pre-planned indoor reception), you can do it there under cover.  Slide the tables a bit to create an aisle down the middle.  Guests can sit in their reception seats and watch from there.

You might still have elements of your wedding washed out (no sparkler exits inside!) but if you have a solid rain backup in place heading into wedding day, then you can avoid having your wedding turn into a waterlogged disaster.


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