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Today’s Real East Carolina Bride entry comes to us from Megan, a bride whose Corolla wedding is coming up in June 2017.

Once my fiancé and I had decided on a date and the venue, my next big step was to buy the dress. When I was looking at what kind of dress I wanted I did a lot of online “shopping”. However, when it came the day to try it on, I decided to be as open minded as possible. I knew I wanted something flowy since we would be getting married at the beach and I had an idea of what I thought would look good on me, but I wanted to let the professionals do their job. I decided to go dress shopping in Raleigh, NC because it was a good middle meeting spot for my mom and myself, but it was also where my fiancé’s parents lived. I decided very early on, when I go dress shopping I wanted the following people with me: my mom, my grandma, my fiancé’s mom, his grandma, my aunt, and cousin. 

The first time we went shopping it was in the spur of the moment and it was just my mom and myself, we went to one of those places where you are more on your own, it was like a free for all. You walk around grab what you want to try on, go to the back and have whoever is there helping you look, helps you get dressed. It was really awkward and I was really stressed out because I had no idea what I was looking to get.

The second time we went shopping I had everyone I decided needed to be with me at the appointment. At first I was a little overwhelmed by the choices to make and what would look good on me from looking at it on the hanger. We went to a more expensive dress store first. I think this really helped me narrow down what kind of dress I wanted and what I was looking for in a dress for my wedding. I spoke with a saleswoman who helped me pick dresses to try, put them on, and really try to get a sense of what I was wanting. I had found a dress I really liked, but it was the first store of the day and I wanted to try on a few more before making the decision because the dress was almost double my budget. Plus, there were things we wanted to change about the dress which would cost even more when we started doing alterations. We wanted that deep sweetheart line, but it was too shallow.

Now walking into this appointment I knew there were going to be mostly dresses that I could not afford, but I had a purpose for going in there. I needed the help from the saleswoman to give me direction about what to look for when going to different stores. While at the bridal salon we decided I needed a deep sweetheart neckline and it needed to be A-line or drop waist. I also decided I loved the romantic side of having the old buttons running from the top of my dress to the floor. We then decided to try a middle of the road store, it wasn’t crazy expensive, but it wasn’t a free for all either. We called ahead to ask if they had a specific dress because it was one I saw online and it seemed to fit the bill perfectly of what I was looking for in a wedding dress. Mind you the pictures were small and I couldn’t really see the back, most of the pictures were taken from the front or at an odd angle.

We arrived at the final store and I found the dress I had been looking to try on for months and now that I knew it was the style I wanted I was super excited to try it on. Once I put it on, I knew almost immediately it was the dress I wanted. It was like all the things we had liked about the dresses before it had met and formed one dress. I had a deep sweetheart neckline, the buttons all the way to the floor, a beautiful lace overlay on the bodice and the bottom trim of the dress.

For me, this was a fun experience the second time around. The first time I was way overwhelmed. I didn’t know what I was doing, or what I was looking for in the dress. To walk into a store with no idea and no help for direction, it was just too much. However, after going to store receiving help and understanding the dress I wanted, it made it that much easier to find the perfect dress. My family and future family was super supportive and encouraged me to get what I wanted. Overall it was a great experience and I cannot wait to put my dress on for the big day.


Megan’s Vendor Team:

Venue: Historic Whalehead

Catering: Currituck BBQ

Rentals: Ocean Atlantic Rentals

Photography: Coastal Shots

Music: Jeremy Russell

Hair and Makeup: Bombshell Studios

Planner: Outer Banks Affair

Minister: Scott Williams


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