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How do you know that a guy is truly interested in a girl?  He ignores March Madness and pays attention to her instead.

That’s what happened on Ryan and Jennifer’s first date.  They got together for some NC State basketball.  In Raleigh.  That’s serious stuff.  Jennifer says, “I had just recently graduated from ECU and moved back to Raleigh and started hanging out with friends around Raleigh more often. Ryan saw a photo of me on a mutual friend’s Facebook and asked his friend who I was. His friend and my friend set up a group hang out/ “double date” for us to casually watch an NC State basketball game at Fox and the Hound during March Madness. Ryan is a sports fanatic but we barely watched the game and all had such a great time laughing and talking that we ended up going next door to Kings bowling afterwards. Ryan called me the next morning to see if I could get together with him again and we have been inseparable ever since!”

The couple selected the beach near Wilmington for their engagement session.  Jennifer says, “I actually never had been to this area of Wilmington so it was really nice, I enjoyed getting to walk around and explore it. Now if we ever go back to this area will have this memory forever of when we were young and just newly engaged.”

There’s one photo that stands out to Jennifer.  She says, “One of my favorites is the photo where Ryan and I were standing against the fence and are looking into each other’s eyes. We had a really fun time finding this spot on accident while riding around with our photographer. We jumped out of her car and got a quick session in. It felt most natural and was far enough away from us that it felt so natural. I was having so much fun in the moment there with him, and I loved that this photo shows us looking into each other’s eyes bringing us back to what the session was all about. I remember in that moment we were on a winding road and weren’t really supposed to be parked and taking pictures so it felt a little risky and fun. I felt lucky to have him there with me and to be engaged to him. I love that our photographer was willing to have fun and go for a photo like this because she felt it would be good in the moment- it turned out to be my favorite one!”

Enjoy Ryan and Jennifer’s Wilmington, NC engagement session!

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Photography: Erin Costa Photography (Web)


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